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About Pinky Pie

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in WisconsinPinky Pie is Susan T. Hessel, a writer, personal historian and collector of stories in Wisconsin.

I call my business Lessons From Life because I believe that everyone learns things in life that should be passed on to others. So this is it. I’m sharing my breast cancer journey to anyone who is willing to listen.

When I was little, I was my mother’s Little Pinky Pie. Frankly, my world was pink and I hated it. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to accept pink in my life and get a kick out of it. I wear it at times as a tribute to the mom who outpinked me as a kid.

I also had been aware of the pink associated with breast cancer and have been amused by it.

Since I am now one of those breast cancer patients, I’ve decided to embrace my pink side and be Big Pinky Pie.  I hope to maintain my sense of humor through it all and this is one way I’ll do it.


6 Responses to "About Pinky Pie"

I love your blog and it has made me smile not a little. I’m a friend of Sue Knopf. I’ve actually had a blog called, Hanging out with Rosey: I think that is the title or maybe it is Tuesday with Rose. Anyway, Rose was my good friend who fought breast cancer for ten years and I would drive her to treatment over a two year period. She was also, like yourself, very funny and philosophical. I thought that I knew bravery from my time in Vietnam but nothing like cancer survivors. God bless you. Jerry

Thank you, Jerry. I’m trying to be funny and philosophical. Thank you on behalf of Rosey for the support you gave her. I’m wondering if I might have met her. Did she live around here?

Wow, what a story!…. While pregnant with her 6th child my great-grandmother was sure that this next child would finally be the girl she desired. So, she enthusiastically made lovely pink clothing in preparation for the birth. Well, when HE was born she went on ahead and dressed him in all the pink clothes she had prepared for him—thus, my dear Uncle Pink!! A sweet man whose nickname, perhaps, did build his sweet natured character.

Thinking of you, Sue, and thrilled that things sound better. When you’re back in business, I want your advice on publishing my poems in a chapbook.

Nancy Ellingson

Thank you for your insight. I’m a nurse and I try to be so careful about calling people “dear”, “sweetie”, “honey” but sometimes it just slips out!
You are inspiring and it’s a pleasure to read and get a little insight from the other side of the bed.
Thank you very much and best to you always,

Hi Susan-I just found your blog via wordpress–I think you or one of your readers found my post and I saw the click. Anyway, I wanted to let you know we’re rallying for you! The topic of breast cancer is heavy in my head, as my grandmother is currently fighting. It seemed like fate that I found your blog, and your strength…Go Susan!

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