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I hope you have not worried because I haven’t written for a while. The truth is I’m doing fine and there is not much new to report.

I’m continuing to get out more than I had been. It turns out, as I noted in the last blog post a month or so ago that even when I have low Phils (neutrophils) there is less danger of infection than with the same cell count and regular chemotherapy.

It helps that winter is over — even in Wisconsin — and we’ve been through some cycles of the oral medications to know how my body responds to it. I just need to be careful.

Since I am out more, folks are surprised to see me and that I look “so good.” I think they expect me to look a bit like death warmed over. I don’t. I’m just me.

So no news is not bad news.

Have hand sanitizer; Can Travel. Wire Hessel La Crosse.*

*If you are younger, you may not know the reference. “Professional gunfighter Paladin was a West Point graduate who, after the Civil War, settled into San Francisco’s Hotel Carlton were he awaited responses to his business card: over the picture of a chess knight “Have Gun, Will Travel … Wire Paladin, San Francisco.”

I don’t have a gun, but have hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer is less lethal.


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