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Flat Something Society & Me

Posted on: March 13, 2017

Today I’m writing about the Flat Something Society.

We discussed Sunday how some professional athletes like the NBA’s Kyrie Irving believe the world is flat and not round. Thus they are members of the Flat Earth Society, undoubtedly believing the ball with which they play is flat, too. They think the space program was a fraud.

Google tells me the Flat Earth Society is all about “alternative science or unusual ways of viewing the world.” And they don’t believe dinosaurs roamed the earth, although as I get older, I’m feeling more and more dinosaurian myself.

Within minutes of that conversation, I tuned into Sunday Morning on CBS and hear about the International Flat Chest Society, where no implants are allowed.

Sunday Morning, a terrific news magazine, focused its entire program on cancer. I was thrilled to learn about the improvements of childhood cancer and in treatment of tough cancers in general. Thank you very much.

There was also a story women with very small breast cancers who doctors advised not to do anything about in treatment because their cancers might grow so slowly that it would not cause them problems in life. There are times that men with prostate cancer, for example, will die with the cancer but not from the cancer.

What interested me most was a half dozen or so women who chose not to have reconstruction surgery after mastectomy or mastectomies. They were proud of their bodies and the friendship that has developed between women with flat chests. Some like to show their scars.

Who knew I could be a card-carrying member of the International Flat Chest Society? I made that decision nearly 8 years ago because I didn’t want to go through the often painful process of reconstruction. I also wanted to get better faster.

It is a very personal decision, with 52 percent of women choosing reconstruction, according to the CBS story. I respect whatever decision women make on this and am surprised that 48 percent of women choose my route.

I’m just amused by the proximity of discussions about the two flat something societies and am grateful that I can make such a connection. Life can be very quirky.


2 Responses to "Flat Something Society & Me"

Hi Sue, I’m a member of the flat chest society also. Frankly with my Germanic heritage I had larger breasts than I wanted anyway. It has been a TOTAL relief not having to ever wear a bra again and I am so much more comfortable. Cancer was not actually the solution to the large breast problem that I ever anticipated but I have never once, not once, felt bad about returning to being flat chested. Dhyan

Totally agree. I don’t regret it one bit.

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