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Best of Two Worlds & Me

Posted on: March 11, 2017

On Thursday I received my liquid Wonder Bread IV treatment (builds bones; thus it is one of the 12 ways Wonder Bread builds strong bodies). My counts were good.

A gentleman came around and asked if I was interested in a free reiki treatment.

Now, I’m not a new age kind of gal so I really didn’t know what reiki is. He explained it to me and I agreed to have one as it was one of my favorite prices – free.

What is reiki? Google tells me it is “a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.”

The first thing he did was tell me to go to a place where I was very comfortable and happy. I went to my usual place – the Passanante swimming pool.

The Passanantes were the best friends of our family going back to my parents generation and we have remained good friends into my generation and the next. Their is a fourth generation, but they have not met each other. I will assume they will be friends once they do get together.

Bart and Bertie were like second parents to us
When I threw up on an Aunt Bertie in the ambulance on the way to have Uncle Bart fix my dislocated knee once again. Her only comment was a gentle, “You really need to chew your food better.”

And when I was in the not wear a bra stage of life, she advised me that there were bras that looked like i did not have one on but would give me the support I needed. She called it the “best of two worlds bra.” That became a lifelong joke with her daughter Jean.

Look Aunt Bertie: no bra these days.

I miss summer days of my childhood and young adulthood at the pool. I remember lying on a raft and just floating away after swimming laps in the pool. Aunt Bertie always reminded me to use suntan lotion – that’s what it was called before it was recognized we need to protect ourselves from the sun and thus became sun screen.

There are so many stories about the Passanante pool and the freedom we had to go there any time we wished. I swam laps there every summer day after work. I always sat and enjoyed a diet Dr. Pepper with Aunt Bertie as we discussed the news.

Nixon was president and I had disliking DNA in my body. Aunt Bertie and I watched the news at 5:30 p.m.

This was the summer when the Pentagon Papers were published. The PP were secret documents about the US involvement in Vietnam. It also was the summer that the right to vote dropped to 18 from 21. I was suddenly able to vote. Very cool. I have not missed an election since.

Yes, that pool is my “happy place,” where I go when I need to relax. I cannot believe how much I relaxed that Thursday as Mike performed the reiki treatment on me.

I may turn out to be new age in my old bod after all.


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