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It is not often in life that you are happy when there is nothing in that gray matter known as the brain.

But I certainly am today. The brain MRI that I had Monday revealed nothing in my brain. Whew. So grateful to be empty headed once again.

However, I did not realize why that MRI was so important. I knew mu doctor had mentioned previously that there were some tumors in my skull. This helps to explain why I never wanted to:

  1. See my scans. I figured they’d scare the stuff out of me.
  2. Have a total for how many tumors there are. I figured they’d scare the stuff out of me. Wait. Didn’t I just write that?

And my counts are up, too. Phills have returned to Capistrano. My son and I lived wildly today after the appointment – We went to get me new sunglasses I can wear over my glasses as my other ones disappeared as things do way to often with me. And then we went to Burger Fusion. Finally, we stopped at the library for books that have come in that I had put on reserve.

Of course three came in at once but I’m really excited about the three. And I’d like to say kudos to the La Crosse Public Library again for being itself. Heck of a job, library.

So once more, I’m looking on the bright side of life. Well, I’ve tried to look at the dull side, as I don’t get out of the house much for that bright side.

And by the way, snow came back to Wisconsin yesterday, but I don’t mind. I can watch that inconvenience from inside. However, I realize I’m not the only one on the planet and it is more a pain in the tush for those who are more active than me.





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