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Just Call Me Ed & Me

Posted on: February 23, 2017

As usual, I was asked for my name and birthdate when I checked into the cancer center Wednesday for my weekly blood test. They know me, but every step along the way you need to provide both to make sure you are the right person. And that, of course, makes sense.

For some reason, I posed the question with the receptionist about whether if I had another name I would not have cancer. She smiled and said that would be great for everyone there but she is not sure if it would work.

Details. Details.

I then suggested she call me Edwina MacIntosh. I have no idea where that name came from, but it sounded like fun or a name of someone in her 90s. I also suggested using a different name to a nurse who drew my blood, saying,  “Just call me Ed.”

Alas, they insisted on calling me Susan. We will never be able to test my theory if this keeps up.

I was hoping for higher counts this week, but that was not the case. I dipped further below the 500 Phils that is the potential danger point if I get sick. I was at .48 or 480 Phils. Where have those fickle neutrophils gone?

I was hoping to break out of the Big House this weekend to go to an Academy Awards Party, but apparently I am better off at home. I will have blood work again Friday to see if I have recovered enough to start taking my iBrance again (I’m on a week’s rest and due to start again Friday.). We will see when I can start again. It may be delayed for a few days or a week depending on what my counts are.

While I was writing this, there was a Coffee-Mate ad on TV with the theme, “Every day is a chance to stir things up.”  It is described as, “We want to help you get ready for the big things and little things in life… Stir Things Up!”

There is a stir things up ad for commitment and I suppose  other things. I just saw one for courage involving a woman with a bald head, presumably from cancer. But it could be for alopecia or baldness.

Anyway, the commercial starts out with a woman with hair going back to work for the first time after whatever happened to her. She takes off the wig and asks her husband he thought of that look “Bald is beautiful,” he tells her. She adds, “You should know.” We then see his bald head as they hug.

Stir up courage, the ad says. Okie dokie.

But, I don’t like coffee. What should Edwina do? We don’t know how gutsy Ed is.

You can check out the ad here:







2 Responses to "Just Call Me Ed & Me"

Either way, when it’s time for the Academy Awards, I can just picture you in a slinky gold lame (as opposed to gold LaMie, of course) wearing fuzzy pink bedroom slippers as you give your acceptance speech for the Best Comedy Writer. Obviously, thousands of your most intimate fans look forward to each new offering. Love ya!

Dear Edwina, how about writing limericks. There was a nice grandma named Susan, who….. (But what rhymes with Susan?) : ) Dhyan

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