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The Take Home Message & Me

Posted on: February 1, 2017

I have to say the last week was tough, waiting for my bone scan and CT scan Monday to assess whether the targeted cancer therapy I’ve been taking in pill form is working.

The jury is still out on my bones, but the “take home message,” according to my wonderful oncologist, is improvement in my lungs. That is what she most wanted to see. So she is pleased. Me, too.

The question about the bones is whether the cancer is dying and what is seen on the scan is related to healing or if the cancer has not been sent packing.

Normally, with this drug scans are done after three cycles, not two like in my case. My oncologist ordered the scans early to make sure the cancer was not out of control. It is not.

And with my white counts pretty good as of Monday, it is safe for me to go to a rally Friday in support of our Muslim neighbors and against the Muslim ban. My protesting days are not over. Clearly.

I have to say my life has been on “will see” mode for a while, especially the last week as I dreaded my upcoming scans. I was terrified by what the results might be, more scared than I’ve been for months. This is not an easy thing.

And yes, I’m human. I have fears that I try to keep at bay as best I can by writing, ranting and laughing.

Cancer, of course, is too serious not to laugh. We were laughing by the end of my appointment because it is what I do.



5 Responses to "The Take Home Message & Me"

Good news, indeed, Sue! Now go get ’em at the rally. Maybe your bones will pick up the message and rally some more healing on their own.

Please wear a mask.

Awesome! So glad to hear that your white count is up for the rally as well.

Good news! I think about you all the time and am keeping you in my prayers!

Hooray for upward white counts! I’m proud of you for standing up for what you believe. Sending lots of prayers that your results come back good.

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