Pinky Pie

I can get out of the house & Me!

Posted on: January 23, 2017

White cells are gonna clear up
Put on a happy face
Brush off the clouds and cheer up
Put on a happy face

Take of the gloomy mask of neutropenia
It’s not your style
You’ll look so good that you’ll be glad
You decided to smile

Pick out a pleasant outlook
Stick out that noble chin
Wipe off that full-of-doubt look
Slap on a happy grin

And spread sunshine all over the place
And put on a happy face

All that bashing of Phil last week paid off and my white cells are returning. I know Phils will go away in a few weeks. But for today, I can get out of the house!

Thanks Tony Bennett for this song. What else you got for next time, Tony? I certainly hope I don’t run out of songs.


5 Responses to "I can get out of the house & Me!"

Woo hoo! I knew Phil (and you) had it in ya!


Another woo hoo here!!!!

Next time I see you you wil have to sing!

Hooray for really good news. I hope the weather cooperates for a lovely outing.

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