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Oh, Phil …

Posted on: January 16, 2017

Yes, heartless Phil has abandoned me once again. This time he dipped to 560 neutrophils.

I’m busy canceling things I was going to do this week … $5 Tuesday movie (really want to see Hidden Figures) … a luncheon to honor my dear friend, Maureen Freedland with the Iverson-Frekking  Ecumenical Award … Thursday night synagogue-sponsored movie and discussion at a friend’s house… and the Women’s Sister March in Deborah, Iowa. It was close enough and small enough that I thought I could do it, but Phil says no.

Alas … I’m still in good spirits, despite Phil’s casting a rude pall on my immune system. I still prefer this side of the sod, which means taking powerful drugs and hoping for the best.

Today was going to be White Cell Appreciation Day, but it was cancelled because so few showed up.



1 Response to "Oh, Phil …"

Let’s reschedule “White Blood Cell Appreciation Day” for later. Let’s plan some long-distance participation! I started to say “sending good thoughts” and then remembered a cartoon I saw over Christmas. Older lady is kneeling on the lawn gardening and she is saying to her dog (who looks as if he has just had his tail stuck in an electrical outlet) “I want you to start thinking good thoughts about a pussy cat.” Hope that made you smile! Dhyan

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