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Crying Uncle & Me

Posted on: December 17, 2016

Yes, I am crying uncle. About what, you might ask? Writing thank-you notes to everyone on the planet, give or take a country to two.

I started out determined to keep up and when I wrote the notes, I received back a lot of comments that I didn’t need to do that.

After more than a hundred notes, I lost steam. People have been so kind and generous with their time and resources. I am one lucky woman to have so many people who care about me and want me to get better. (I don’t know if there are some who don’t. No one has indicated that.)

I am absolutely amazed by that support. I have received food, a tremendous number of cards, prayers, good thoughts, teasing (which I deserve) and  other gifts as well, not to mention the amount of money people have shared to help me through this insurance and medical crisis. I have heard from people from my childhood and high school.

I must have done somehing right in my life to have all this support. Or, I have fooled a lot of people.

Please know that I appreciate everything that has been done for me. I’m sorry that I have not written notes to everyone.



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