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Catching Up with Me & Me

Posted on: December 2, 2016

First, I have great news from my oncologist – her favorite Blizzard is Peppermint too. That’s why we were meant to be doctor and patient.

I gave her some advice how to make it better – Dairy Queen’s flavor of the month is Peppermint Oreo. I have them not put in Oreos and instead put in the chocolate that is used for dip codes. I think I need to bring her one next time.

She suggests I try other soft foods in addition to Blizzards, but has no problem with me Blizzarding away.

Part of the reason that I cannot eat much is that I have terrible, painful heartburn when I eat. It’s a result of radiation. So I’m to take pain pills prior to eating. Me and Rush have so much in common. And it should go away over the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to that.

Mostly, I am trying to keep my head above water financially. Out of the last $7,000 in charges, my insurance paid $600. It is absolutely horrifying insurance, a reason that the generosity of others through the You Fund Me Account is life saving. Thank you to all of you.

Blizzards for all my friends.




4 Responses to "Catching Up with Me & Me"

Our Sue Hessel Pinky Pie GoFundMe Campaign is still open and we need to keep it growing. Go here ( to donate, and please help spread the word about this worthy cause by posting on Facebook, telling your friends, getting organizations involved, Tweeting, whatever. Thank you!!!

Sue, I worked at a Dairy Queen when I was 14 and I discovered dripping the cone chocolate dip into a vanilla milkshake. Soon good. But that’s not why they fired me after 2 weeks–that was because I was incapable of thinking of waitress’s stuff to do between customers. Good thing I found a different career path. Hope you feel less pain soon!

Great story. I think it will get better soon. In the,meantime, Rush and,i have so much in common.

If you have a chance, try the banana cream pie blizzard, which tastes just like real banana cream pie. Hope your heartburn starts to get better soon.

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