Pinky Pie

Blog Post Hijacked to Texas & Me

Posted on: November 18, 2016

Sue’s note:

My Association of Personal Historian Colleague/Friend/And Starter of this fund for me has hijacked my blog for today. Here’s what Paula “Yee-Haw” Yost wrote:

Paying attention? Pens ready? Fingers poised over keyboards? The GoFundMe campaign in support of our very own Pinky Pie Sue Hessel is officially open and awaiting your donation at There’s a lot of love for this special lady spinning around out there with more than $12,000 being raised in just over two days. But our job’s not done . . . We need your help to make our goal!

The fundraising campaign was organized by Sue’s friends and colleagues from the Association of Personal Historians (APH), who like most everyone else wanted to support this fine lady in her battle with the Big C. We figured that we could best do that by raising enough money to at least help her contend with the ongoing, enormous medical expenses. We’ve worked and played with Sue for more than a decade now and, like you, have come to recognize what an extraordinary lady she is—always ready with a smile and joke to make the best of any given situation or to simply brighten our spirits.

One of my fondest memories of Sue is her hilarious performance during the 2007 APH Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. For our expo event, attendees had been asked to share items representative of their states alongside their work samples at their regional tables. You can see from the photo on this blog and our GoFundMe Campaign Sue’s unique interpretation. Posing gleefully in a fetching cheese bra over her beloved Packers hoodie, she said this was “Breast reconstruction, Wisconsin style.” Her hilarious fashion statement occurred two years prior to her original breast cancer diagnosis in 2009, which wasn’t funny at all.

As soon as Sue learned about her recent recurrence, she became obsessed with reaching out to other friends (including me) who had experienced breast cancer after her first bout with it. Not wanting them to be any more frightened than they already were, she reassured each of them that her experience did not have to be theirs. She continues that support in so many ways for so many people, through this delightful blog and much more.

Now it’s our turn to give back. Check out the campaign website (Did I mention . . ., give generously, and then tell your friends, post it on your Facebook page, or Twitter, Instagram and Hashtag like a teenager to help us get the word out.

Thank you, Pinky Pie friends and fans, for listening and caring. And thank you, Sue Hessel, for giving me this space on your blog to spread the word. Take heart, people, Sue will return to this space very soon, and she’s much funnier than I am.


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