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Anonymous & Me

Posted on: November 18, 2016

Anonymous, you’re killing me. Or, you are saving me? Maybe both.

Here’s the story: when I was a newspaper reporter long, long ago, I was known as the noseyist person in the newsroom. When something was going on, my antennas went up. I not so as clandestinely or suavely tried to figure out what was going on in the world needing reporting or worthy of my nosiness and/or gossiping.

“Put your antennas down, Sue,” I was frequently told. Dang. Caught again.

Not knowing things has been really hard for me.

So when I see these anonymously generous donations and don’t know the sources, it tugs at me. A lot. But I absolutely respect anonimity. I really do. I’m just that young woman. – really a girl who moved here in 1974 to make my fortune or solve the problems of the world with my journalism. It was just after Watergate when reporters were heroes. Times have changed. Have they Yes. No. Maybe.

But let me get back to the anonymous donations on the Go Fund Me account. Your generosity is inspiring and gratifying. And I know not everyone can afford to donate – I love and appreciate you anyway. While funds help in this crazy medical world we should just plain be grateful for each other that when  the proverbial chips are down we help each other.

I Know some folks do things not for the credit they get but because they just want to  do good in this world. Either way, support is not a numerical figure, but a reflection of humanity.

I do have one anonymous donation that I really need to know the source. It is not connected with Go Fund Me, which in itself is absolutely beautiful in using crowd funding to made a difference in this world. Brilliant. People power.

But please hep me with one git that came from Omaha Steaks without a card to indicate who sent it. Who are you anonymous donor? I just want to say thank you. Feel free to send a private message if you’d like. And yum

Thank you all again. Hugs to all.





2 Responses to "Anonymous & Me"

So the ‘stakes’ got to you. ( No, it wasn’t me)

I’d like to send you something anonymously. But I lost your address. If you’d like to receive something anonymously from me, would you please message me your mailing address? Much obliged.

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