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Somewhere in my wicked adulthood & Me

Posted on: November 17, 2016

As the GoFundMe offers came to me, and I finally agreed to the one set up by the Association of Personal Historians for all to use, the song from “Sound of Music” called “Somewhere  in my wicked childhood” came to mind.

“Somewhere in my wicked childhood, I must have done something good for here you are standing here loving me so, whether or not you should…”

In my head it is wicked adulthood and here you are standing here supporting me is how I change the lyrics in my mind. I am overwhelmed by the continual kindnesss that everyone has shown, including people I do not know. There is no way to possibly thank you all.

I just feel I need to confess a story related to Sound of Music, that may make you think twice about how much you really want to support me. It’s a funny story, as usual. Caveat emptor.

My friend Carol and I went to see a singalong version of “The Sound of Music” that had the words printed on the screen. We love such events. Even as a non singer, it’s especially fun to have no one tell me to stop because of the nerve damage I cause their hearing.

During intermission – remember those during musicals – we were chatting in the background. And rudely out of my mouth came some trivia that I had heard or read somewhere that Maria Von Trapp was not the sweetheart Julie Andrews portrayed  in the movie. At that moment I looked up by the sink where I was washing my hands and saw a half dozen little girls dressed alike in alpine clothing. The looks on their faces showed the mean lady broke their little hearts.

So I totally understand if you now see me as some sort of a monster and while not wishing me will health, wish me good luck with payment for the treatments.

Someday when the musical is written on my life and there are six little girls in matching Pinky Pie outfits, you can tell them the truth about me. It’s only fair. Until then, I’m sorry little girls.

And if you have contributed or will contribute, please know how much I apppreciate it and will continue to write crazy stories about me and my antics, goood, bad or ugly.

Love you, peeps.

And I want to say one other thing. Not everybody can afford to donate money. I absolutely get that and respect that.  Your caring means more than Donald Trump’S $2 billion which I know is on the way.


3 Responses to "Somewhere in my wicked adulthood & Me"

As if you are the only one who has ever said the wrong thing at the wrong time. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. Why I said something just the other day that made me think, “Dhyan! What the F? Why did you say that????” In any case you have enough to worry about right now without worrying about feet of clay! Wishing you all the best today! Dhyan

You’re right. I regret supporting you, nay, liking you! When the musical of your life is written, I hope a huge production number with ladies wearing Wisconsin-style mammaries is included. ❤️❤️

You are worth a lot to me since you freed me up to make peace with my f word. Actually it wasn’t you, of course, it was my anger at the c word, and believe it or not, I’m still angrier about that than any other little thing that happened a week ago last Tuesday. PS- So glad to see Michael is home. My how he’s grown.

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