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TV watching props & Me

Posted on: November 15, 2016

The day after school resumed in the fifth grade after the winter holidays, I dislocated my kneecap in gym class, resulting in an ambulance ride, a night in the hospital, a full-length cast on my left leg and a get-out-of-school free card for six weeks. It also meant a get out of gym class except for swimming for life and a career as an observer, not a doer.

I spent my days and nights watching TV on the three major networks  we had then plus educational TV and an independent station. What it meant then was I watched a lot of reruns during the day, expeciallly “The Untouchables.” I loved the stories of Al Calpone (when he laughed, we all laughed) and Elliott Ness, who brought him down. In betweeen, of course, was violence and bootlegging, not to mention the Depression and Prohibition, one of favorite topics and times in history.

My crutch was a tommy gun used when the G-Men raided a plant. It was about my only use as I didn’t want to be slowed down by crutches.

A bit over a half century later, I have a get-out-of work-card and am watching many different shows, including documentaries on “The Lion in Your Living Room” and “A Dog’s Life,” both on Netflix. Elliott Ness is not needed for these shows, nor is a crutch to learn about the nature of cats and dogs. (Mim, you would love these documentaries.)

Istead, I have a grabber tool which is similar in size to a crutch and that actually looks more like a gun than my crutch did. This tool just allowed me to grab a book from across the room without getting out of my recliner.

I didn’t buy it for this purpose, but to reach clothes that have a way of falling behind my dresser when a certain party (me) dops not put her things away properly.

Obviously, I need to get my sorry arse out of the recliner and I do, but give me a moment to mull over the props of this stage of life, compared with yesteryear.



1 Response to "TV watching props & Me"

Thank god for TV, streaming and bingewatching. These have kept me afloat during some rough depressions. I’m glad you’re resting and enjoying the luxury that grabbers offer. I had one after my hip replacement — cool tool. ❤️❤️

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