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Bonofide & Me

Posted on: November 14, 2016

Looking at the mail today, I realized I have finally reached my “bonofides” as a grandmother. Mixed in with the  get well cards and letters from my employer was a catalog for American Girl.

It’s taken me three and a half years to get the catalog in my mailbox – apparently I wasn’t bonofide before as a granny. The truth is I don’t think Gaby is even aware of American Girl dolls, although I don’t think I know everything. Just saying.

The historical novels first came out when Maggie was a little girl, produced in Madison. The idea was to teach history to girls through various characters representing different times in American History. They stories were formulaic but very nice.

The dolls came out either toward the end of Maggie’s interest or afterwards. She does not remember wanting them.

The American Girl business was sold to Mattel, which explains so little references to books in the catalog. On a page with 20 different things that you could buy for that special daughter or granddaughter, there might be a two inch picture of books for a given doll. And the dolls don’t all have a historical theme any more. I could even get one that looked like me, which was scare the snozollla out of my granddaughter, I presume.

That reminds me of when my dad thought it a great treat to bring me a Chatty Cathy doll. It was child sized and you pulled a string and it said something or other. I was never a huge fan of dolls and I remember seeing silent Chatty sitting on the bed staring at me. What was she thinking?

Confession: I asked my sweet father who would do anything for me to remove Chatty Cathy. I’ve been an ingrate for a long time.

I don’t mean to be ungrateful for all the love that has come through my way in the last few weeks. I will not throw you out unless you stare at me. Fair warning.

But I love you and appreciate  you. I am absolutely overwhelmed by the kindnesses shown me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m sorry I’m not getting around to you personally to express my gratitude. Look what happened to Chatty Cathy.



4 Responses to "Bonofide & Me"

I have to confess that I live the American Girl dolls, although I thought they all still had a historic angle. If I had a granddaughter, I’d be a sucker for those dolls. Oh, and I had a Chatty Cathy too. She was fun for a while, but she got so predictable. I prefer friends with wider spheres of interest.

I never liked dolls either. I recently took my niece’s to the American doll store. It’s all about creating something that is just like the little girl. I believe one of me is more than enough. I scare myself sometimes.

I was going to bring dinner tonight but I hear you have oodles of food already. If I can do anything to be helpful or be of assistance please let me know. I’ll find a dairy Queen chocolate milkshake with banana mashed in it tastes good. I’m happy to bring one your way when it sounds good to you.

I’m sending my anti-nauseous healing power to you.

But did you have a Patty Playpal?

I think i did. Not Chatty Cathy. Tells yu how connected I wasn’t to dolls.

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