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A safety pin & Me

Posted on: November 12, 2016

A friend, Mary Kay Mans, who was an intern at the La Crosse Tribune our fist summer here, has experienced some of the same losses as me. We both lost sons to cancer a few years a part and she had breast cancer after I did.

Throught they have lived in multiple cities, some of which we have visited over the years, they have been dedicated to keeping in touch like good friends do. I’ve never been as a good as she has about this.

They have retired back to the Omaha area this year and when I wrote her about the return of the cancer she wanted to come visit. I said of course. I have advised her not to get cancer again, a suggestion that I hoped she takes.

Anyway we discussed many things, including my spotting an article about people wearing a simple safety pin on the coats or clothing for anyone to see who might feel scared or discriminated against because of things the president elect has said or the things his followers have threatened. When they see the pin, they can know the person wearing it is safe – a safety pin for them.

I was exhausted today so was abuut to ask Dick to Mary Kay not to come, but what a mistake that would have been. We had such a good conversation. She gave me some inspiration  for some projects that I want to write.

And she did me the honor of just sitting and reading by me while I swept for a couple of hours. And while I was sleeping, this quilter went out to the car and got some safety pins for me, which she attached to several swatches of fabric to represent the safety we are for people of any ethnic, racial, ability, faith, place of birth or immigration status, sexual orientation, etc. We do not have to agree with everyone’spoint of view, but we have not let them now they are safe expresssing it.

Mary Kay  asked when she left if she could come back. At that moment, I realized she is my safety pin. Of course she can some back I look forward to it.

Whatever your reason in this world, It would be nice to look out and see someone with a safety pin. I suppose someone who voted for the person I did not, might find a need at times for a safety a pin as well. I hope to be that person who can see the person inside that voter, skin, clothing, heritage, love, etc.

I am honored to have some wonderful safety pins in my life. I hope to be ones for others.


6 Responses to "A safety pin & Me"

You have been a safety pin to me. Thank you. ❤️

That’s very sweet, Sue. So glad your friend is there for you!

I feel pretty sure we all want to be safety pins for you, Sue.

I’ve been meaning to buy a bunch of new large safety pins since I first read about the idea. Thanks for the reminder to do so.

I love you and your writing…but I must admit I have a horrible habit of reading up from the bottom of things and skimming badly. This coupled with a typo made for a whole different story. “…just sitting and reading by me while I swept for a couple of hours ..” I thought, “who is this lazy woman? that just sits there and watches Sue do all this sweeping?” Very happy to find out The Rest of the Story (as Paul Harvey says) when I read the whole thing (top to bottom) that once again I WAS THE LAZY WOMAN, just as I have always suspected.

Sounds like you have some wonderful friends and safety pins in your life (…and a few crazy ones with loose screws like me.)

You are a safety pin for me and so many others. I look for your posts as a way to stay (somewhat) sane in this scary world. ❤️❤️

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