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My Port & Me

Posted on: November 7, 2016

I play with words. That’s what I do. I try to make connections with old expressions, songs or other cultural media.

Try as I might, I cannot come up with something for my port, which was implanted today. It will allow me to have blood drawn and to be fed chemotherapy drugs without trying to find a vein for that purposes. I have one battered wrist from the last two IVs for CT scans.

So here’s my lame attempt at a port-related pun. In our family puns were much prized, but always followed with “Puns are the lowest form of humor.”

Now back to the pun attempted, as low as the humor may be. There is an old saying about sailors having a “Port in every city.” I was trying to work out a Port in every Sue, but I know too many Sues I would not want to need a port.

Never mind.

But I did come through the port implantation surgery just fine. On to the brain scan tomorrow and whatever chemo I get.

Please vote on Tuesday.


8 Responses to "My Port & Me"

Any port in the storm! THis is a storm – and you have a port. Score! (hoping it wasn’t a painful install)

Love you. With you in prayers and hopes. XO margie g

With you (and bringing ice) in spirit. ❤️ You’ll be happy to know I have already voted. 👍🏼

Thinking of you, Sue. I proudly voted by mail last month.

I hope you can feel the supportive wishes of all those friends whose thoughts accompany you (me among them) !

You go girl!!

Port hole

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