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Medicare & Me

Posted on: November 4, 2016

I am not a jealous person. I don’t begrudge others anything I don’ t have. It is not a way for anyone to live healthy.

But knowing my childhood friend Shelly is now 65 as of today and was eligible for Medicare as of November 1, gives me a moment’s pause. No, not really. I hope she does not need to use it much and when she does it is helpful.

I have long joked that “when I grow up I want to be on Medicare.” I envision it not as an entitlement as some want to disparage it as being. It is something as citizens and even noncitizens have paid into all our working lives. We paid ahead for those who came before us. The idea was not to bankrupt older people when they become sick.

Who are those older people? My hand happens to be up at this moment and yours might be soon or a long time from now.  It’s no different than paying our taxes to support roads, schools, police and so on.

Health care should be a utility where we each get a level of service so we don’t have to worry about the doctor’s bill or mortgage. The problem with Obamacare is in order to pacify the insurance and drug companies, their greed and a certain party’s absolute hunger for power remained a force for eight years against doing something for this basic need of human beings. And yet, I do not begrudge the millions and millions of people who now have insurance through Obamacare. I met those people prior to Obamacare when I was a volunteer at the free clinic in La Crosse.

Do I wish I did not have to wait 11 more months to get Medicare? You betcha. But as far as my friend Shelly, and my friend  Cindy who turned 65 in the fall, I can only say to you what my Jewish aging aunts said about anything they gave me, “Use it in good health.”




5 Responses to "Medicare & Me"

Indeed. If not for health insurance and Medicare, we’d be blind, limping and full-on crazy. Or broke.

Well said, Sue. It always saddens and infuriates me when I see collection jars on store counters to help with someone’s medical bills. Why should sick people and their families have to beg for money, hold bake sales and car washes, just so they don’t lose their homes or their entire life savings (and future income) because of illness or an accident? It’s just not right. Healthcare should be REALLY affordable and available to all.

Getting onto Medicare is certainly one of the rites of passage for us old farts, but one that doesn’t come soon enough for many people. When we finally got one of my sisters onto Disability after three years, we were pleasantly surprised that she also got onto Medicare, which was a tremendous help for her. Sorry that’s not an option for you.

Love this post. When I turned 65 I did a mental cartwheel. But my husband lost his insurance because the district I worked for made me stop my policy to receive Medicare ( I get that, it seems fair. Well….to me but not my family.) So in we went for ACA for husband. He works so hard to make extra cash since St. Mary’s very “catholic” institute let him go after more than decade of truly beautiful designs and positive influences upon his students whom he loved and received love from who fought for him to retain his job. So, what we learned is, if he were single, he’d qualify for an ACA discount. But because I have SSec and a pension, he didn’t qualify. Hence, we pay a whole lot of $ to keep him insured each month with incredibly high co pays and deductibles. Go figure. Anyway, my dear friend, I so hear your message, and I so wish you were older. Just promise me you will get older.. Love you so much.

I’m a happy camper that I have it but haven’t needed it yet! Only one month in however. I’m sure it will come in handy someday. I wish
you were on it also.

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