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AutoCorrect & Me

Posted on: November 1, 2016

We have all been concerned about what the children are picking up from this awful campaign monstrosity/pro wresting match that we hope wil be over in seven days. We worry about the language and bullying and so on that appears to be coming from one campaign in particular.

But what concerns me right now is what AutoCorrect is learning from me. I have written to so many people since this ugly thing reared its ugly head in my body again that when I start to write, suggested words pop up that I know never would before.

A few examples are in order: I write breast and then the words cancer and treatment pop up as suggestions. I write  lungs and bones pops up, as in location for my cancer.

I do bring typos to my writings but I do get them done. Someone suggested it is because I have Typo-O blood, which I do have. I always go back and groan when I discover what I have done when my fingers got ahead of my mind or AutoCorrect took charge.

It’s not just me. A friend told me she did not realize what she had clicked on until in the middle of a nonpolitical emal she just sent, the word REPUBLICANS appeared in the middle of the message. She was appalled. Not only did it not represent what she was writing about or how she would vote,  it was in all caps. She certainly wasn’t yellling Republicans, although I can see yelling at them. But that would not show the sweetness and light in me.

I was hoping when I wrote sweetness that the word light would follow as a suggestion. But apparently AutoCorrect does not see enough sweetness and light in me to warrant that combination.

AutoCorrect, a generation or two after spellchecker, can be a source for convenience and pains in the neck. I will never forget the time when I faxed an article to a client before email and discovered  afterwards that spellchecker had changed my headline about the number of students who had passed the very difficult CPA exam – the pass rate. The headline went over as ass rate instead. I don’t think there is an official ass rate kept among financial students or any students.  I have not taken a single accounting course, which explains my bank account pretty well.

So watch what you say and write – vulnerable AutoCorrect and children could be deeply  affected.

If so, we could all be rated asses – something that, sadly, I have been ranked many times in my life.


1 Response to "AutoCorrect & Me"

I love the “ass rate.” Maybe we can use it to rank politicians, especially the really “rank” ones. Thanks for the chuckle.

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