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So long Pinky Pie but not & Me

Posted on: June 21, 2012

One chapter ends; another begins

Is this the swan song for Pinky Pie? I hope so and it all came about because of a broken pink mug.

My daughter called me to tell me a story about the mug, which she bought in La Crosse  the day they brought me home from the hospital. She drank coffee from it every day at work. When she moved from one  school district to another last year, she said it was the most important thing to take with her.

This pink breast cancer mug was almost like a talisman against evil–which in this case would be cancer coming back. If she stopped drinking from it, would  my cancer come back?

This morning she told me that she was  profoundly sad to see it absolutely unfixable after she dropped it.

She searched unsuccessfully for an exact replacement but could not find one. It was then when our rabbi in La Crosse happened to call her. Saul Prombaum is a friend beyond his rabbi-a-hood.

Maggie described how sad she was about what happened. He told her it was a good thing. A mother  breaks a plate in an Orthodox  Jewish wedding to symbolize the end of one chapter in life and the start of a new one.

Her breaking that mug, he told her, means the chapter on cancer is over.

Deal. Sign me up.

I called her back a few minutes later posing the question if this is a great way to end the Pinky Pie blog. She agreed it is.

Maggie bought this mug the day she was returning to Kansas City after my surgery.
So long, mug, I hardly knew ya.

So the fat lady is singing (and not just mouthing the words).

I don’t mean the person known as Pinky Pie. Instead, I’m referring  to this blog that I began after my breast cancer diagnosis in 2009. I named it Pinky Pie because that is what my mommy called me when I was little when she dressed me in tons of pink.

I became very sick of pink, but once  I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I figured I had become BIG Pinky Pie. Pink came back and then went away again when I was overwhelmed with pink-atude.

The blog gave me something positive to do with my energies during the dog days of recovering from mastectomies, waiting for chemotherapy to start, chemotherapy, radiation and the aftermath of the treatment.

I shared stories, emotions and tried to be entertaining, a.k.a. the funniest cancer patient you will meet, although I also have written about poignant experiences, the scary and sad stuff as well. It helped me think and absorb what was happening to me.

Through it, I formed a philosophy about life after cancer: you can’t let a disease define you. I don’t know if my cancer will return, but I sure don’t want to spend whatever time I have left in fear, rolled up in the fetal position. That would squander my life.

In the last year or so, this blog has been where I wrote my political stuff. To put it simply, politics in our state have become another cancer that I don’t care to repeat.

Pinkie Pie, good-by. Please don’t make me bring you back.

I‘m not done blogging, however. Want to learn about what I think about this and that? Go to my Lessons From Life blog at I have been waxing poetic about my personal history work, including my and my family’s personal history there for a while. It is all about the importance of storytelling.

So here’s to good health for you and me. Thank you for your support for Pinky Pie, both the character and the blog.

And let me just say that if cancer reared its ugly side again,  it won’t be because Maggie broke her pink mug. I don’t believe in magical thinking like that.

But, Maggie, I prefer you don’t step on any cracks. I don’t want to take any risks.


18 Responses to "So long Pinky Pie but not & Me"

Farewell, Pinky Pie. I’ll miss you, but I’ll enjoy finding and reading Sue’s new blog.

Thanks, Sue.

From Sue.

Susan Hessel Writer/Personal Historian

608 782-3248 608 385-4935 mobile

I second that!

Oh Sue,
what a fine commentary you have written here. I loved hearing your in-person account of it tonight. Thanks. I’ll send it to my Laurie.

Thank you, Nancy. It’s freeing.

Sue, you are such a marvelous writer and so open and honest. I very much appreciate your writing – thank you!

That is a wonderful thing to say, Suzy!

Sent from my iPad

Dear Sue – What a beautiful and fitting end to Pinky Pie – and what a terrific daughter you have. I would miss your writing too much if you just gave this up, so I’m very excited to get to read your other blog. Be well, be happy, be our fabulous SUE! (hmm don’t know who else you’d be but you know what I mean) Love you and thank you. Your elementary school friend Margie

Adios, pinky pie!!!

Thanks to all.

Sent from my iPad

Lovely, Sue. This would be a beautiful end to that mug. My good wishes are with you!

Spread your wings, Pinky Pie! Fly away home and rest. Love you Sue – and so glad the blog isn’t flying away. 🙂

Kid, you’ve only just begun. Looking forward to your next insights and adventures. I hope to join you on some of them, if I can keep up. From your friend, Maureen p.s. Thanks for the birthday greetings yesterday but having lunch next week with you is too slow paced — let’s go hand out leaflets against building nuclear reactors or something.

p.s.s. Sign me up for your new blog please! Maureen

I’ll miss these, Sue. I’m hoping there’s an RSS feed for your other blog; if not, I’ll just bookmark it and check in now and then.

Reblogged this on Midwestern Mom's Musings and commented:
Marking the end of one phase of our lives as we enter another phase is important. My new friend, Susan Hessel, highlights this beautifully in her last post on Pinky Pie, which she started after she learned she had breast cancer. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did…and will not only follow Midwestern Mom’s Musings (by me) but Lessons From Life (by Susan).

Thanks for participating in the Pirates of the Chemotherapy Play recently. I really needed the laughs (been fighting cancer for 3 years now, age 36).

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