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My potty mouth password & Me

Posted on: June 25, 2011

You know your password is not appropriate when you – meaning I – have to write it on a piece of paper and give it to the technician.

“Awesome,” he said and then gave it to another who laughed. They were trying to get my email to come in on my replacement Blackberry.

I was just grinning because I was not someone they would have expected to use that particular expression as part of a password. Use of these words began with my blog which started life as a cancer blog. At that point it was quite appropriate to have certain words expressed against cancer.

But I had to show this to the technician, admitting I am a little old lady with a potty mouth password, which made them laugh. I also suggested it would be a great story for them to tell to their friends after work.

Sprint: they were not unprofessional. I was having fun about it.

I have used  variations of that password for various sites, the last was for my email on Charter a couple days ago. I was so sure that I would remember it that I didn’t write it down.

When my replacement phone came I needed to get it to take my Charter email. Actually, I also needed my Blackberry login and password first which I didn’t know. The guys helped retrieve it.

Nothing was done, however, when Dick and Michael joined me at the Sprint store wondering how it was going. I motioned to them to come closer so I could explain my indelicate problem. They laughed.

Eventually the Sprint guys and I decided that I needed to change my Charter password since I clearly did not have my potty mouth password right. Perhaps Blackberry was rebelling from my non-businessworld language.

Once that change with Charter was made – and I selected a PG password this time – I put it into my Blackberry. All of a sudden, many messages began arriving on my phone. I was reminded that most email messages are junk. Thus, I sure didn’t really need to get at them immediately.

That brings me to a story about the time that middle school Maggie used the word “freaking” in front of my mom who sternly told her that she knew what it was a substitute for and she was not to use it. I ran out of the room laughing at that moment, leaving her to be chastised alone. I am weak.

No, my mom would not have approved of my prior password. My new one does not require my writing it down to give to a technician or hiding from my mother had she still been with us.

But it makes me far less edgy and therefore less interesting to young technicians.

P.S. To those who are wondering why I needed a replacement phone, I had my old one sitting across my water glass on Wednesday to keep my cat Herbie from drinking from it. I looked over and found it in the glass. Thus it went swimming with the fishies, which it did not like at all.


2 Responses to "My potty mouth password & Me"

My luggage password is PIST. I didn’t have much of a choice for the last letter. If I forget it, I will call you up and ask you for it.

I love it. Yes. Do call me up. I will remember it.

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