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Yoga, Herbie & me

Posted on: June 22, 2011

Herbie says no to the downward facing dog pose.

People have been telling me for years, possibly decades, that I should try yoga. The stretch would be good for me and it would improve my balance.

I always said there was no way I could ever take a yoga class because they didn’t make Depends strong enough to get me through the class. I was sure I would start to giggle and then would be unable to stop laughing and well, I am a woman in  my upper 50s and all.

Apparently that is not true.

No, I did not get a great deal on Super Depends.

I went to a trial Yoga class Tuesday and didn’t even giggle. Perhaps I was a little intimidated. I was the only person who had not done yoga before and felt a bit like the stiff that I am. Also, I knew no one with whom I could exchange smart aleck comments. Also Yoga was hard and I had to put all my energy into trying to do poses that this body has never seen before.

And then I looked down at my toes and saw my nails in disrepair with nail polish half on – or maybe half off, depending on whether you are a pessimist or optimist. It’s hard to do the Garland, Pyramid, Triangle or Mountain pose when you’re trying to hide your toes.

Despite it all, I think yoga was helpful even if I couldn’t do all of the poses in the class. I feel looser and less achy.  I signed up for a class but will paint my toesies before I go.

What made me take an interest in yoga? I was visiting the loft of a new client and discovered this figurine of a cat doing yoga. I told the client I intended to steal it. She told me where she got it – Pier 1. I went directly to the store and bought one.

It makes me smile. And more important, was it a sign I should take yoga?

One thing I know: Herbie and I have been more mellow ever since I bought that figurine.


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