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Posted on: June 20, 2011

This is not a Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a dream” blog post. It’s not that noble.

Instead, it is a tale of two dreams – that show just how odd nocturnal lives are. The first was about ten days ago when I had a dream that I am pregnant at age 58 and 2/3rds.

The second is that Dick at age 62 was drafted into the army in the Republic of Armenia. Supposedly, they just found out he was born there. So he was in basic training there. I had to call into the clinic to say he would not be seeing patients for a while because he was in the army in Armenia.  Dick does not have patients; he is a retired journalist.

Immigration Naturalization Service: this was a dream. No need to raid our home. Dick  was actually born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thank you.

I must admit that my geography stinks, however. I had to look up where the heck Armenia is and learned it is at the “crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe.” And I discovered there is a website of he Republic of Armenia,, where  I read:

Dear Friend,
I appreciate your interest in the activities of the Government of the Republic of Armenia and welcome you to our website.
As you can see, we have tried to put the website across under a new design providing diversified information.
Now, you have at your disposal the facilities for online tracing of your letters addressed to e-government and public governance agencies. The availability of these public control tools is supposed to help shape a tradition of effective control on the part of civil society.
We would appreciate receiving your comments and proposals regarding any such issue as to your mind should be kept high on our team’s agenda.

Tigran Sargsyan
Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia

What a friendly place, Armenia must be. There even was an article about the government working to improve health services that included:

“The meeting endorsed the inventory of ambulances and attending equipment donated to Armenia under an agreement signed earlier between the governments of the Republic of Armenia and the People’s Republic of China. Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan stressed that the receipt of about 90 ambulances from China will help considerably improve the quality of first-aid services in the country. Note that this is the first such replenishment provided to Armenian medical institutions for the last 20 years.”

Perhaps when I have that baby at age 58, I’ll just call an ambulance from Armenia. I hope it’s within network.


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