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I have a cold & Me

Posted on: May 7, 2011

I have a cold and I’m holding grudges. And I believe there will be others after me who will grudge – or should anyway.  I got my cold from Typhoid Harry, and now Typhoid Mary will share  her cold with them.

As they say, sharing is caring.

I have always been rather cavalier about colds – feeling they are just part of life.
“Suck it up,” I think about those who have them. I think, “don’t complain,” that kind of thing. That tells you why it is a darn good thing that I never became a nurse.

As the saying goes, nursing or anything else involving healthcare would not suit me to a T, even tough I love my personal T – the T that is my middle initial and use when I sign my name. I am Susan T. Hessel, not some generic Susan Hessel. I use my T because I have an unusual middle name and wonder how many folks have the curiosity to ask what it is. It is not Teresa.

Once again I have gone on what one reviewer of a book I wrote many years ago called a tangential side trip. My path in this post diverted from its intention, which was to whine about my suffering with this cold. And to diminish the suffering of others’ ailment, while expecting sympathy. The common cold is not so common when it is mine.

It has been several years since I’ve had such a virus so I really shouldn’t complain, although I am. And most important of all, I should not be so irked because I did not get sick during the time when I was immune compromised because of chemotherapy.

That was then and this is now and I am no Pollyanna playing the glad game. which would be, “I am glad to have a cold so I have a blog post today.”

But then, it is hard to play any game when one interacts with the world through an ever-running, stuff nose and cough that causes those around me to look away in fright, as they should. Could this woman have SARS, the bird flu that led to so much panic just a few years ago?

As for those who will get my cold next, I say suck it up or get your own blog. Did I mention there was a reason that I never went into nursing?


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