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Today’s celebration & Me

Posted on: April 29, 2011

Just after 1 a.m. Pacific time today, the world tuned into one of the biggest events of our time, maybe all time. As many as a billion are expected to participate in this celebration.

There are reports of parties planned all over the world. Some have told their bosses that they are taking Friday off because they are attending a special occasion.

Tea will be drunk with pinkie finger in the appropriate position in the air. Crumpets will be served. Conversation will be droll. Hats will be elegant and large.

And I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of cake.

How nice the world will be celebrating so much on your birthday, Andy.

And, bro, consider this your official birthday gift from your baby sister. It’s cheap and effective. Did I mention cheap?

Enjoy the world’s attention.


1 Response to "Today’s celebration & Me"

When Willie and Kate called and asked if your suggestion that they tie the knot on April 29th might be an issue, I assured them it wouldn’t interfere with my plans.

I’m passing on the tea and crumpets and celebrating with vitamin G.

Thanks for remembering, Sis.

Neatly – and cheaply – done!

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