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Mind games, cancer & Me

Posted on: April 7, 2011

Yes, I play them, although I work hard to stuff these mind games down, along with fearful thoughts.

Today’s mind game was to not write a blog post until after I had my four-month checkup with my oncologist – I didn’t want to be perky if doom was right around the corner.

I walked to and from the cancer center, another mind game to prove to myself I’m really fine. That worked.

The official report is that my blood work and chest x-ray  “look great.” My leash extends another four months.

The thing about cancer is that it is so mysterious and so microscopic at its beginning. You never know what evil lurks inside the body.

At this moment, no evil is discoverable within my body. Now my mind …


7 Responses to "Mind games, cancer & Me"

So happy to hear the good news!
Are you going to APH Conference in Vegas?
Just made my plane reservations.
Hope to see you there.

Yes, Eileen, I do plan to go. It will be nice to catch up with everyone. I’m impressed you made plane reservations.

Hoooray for great news! Sigh of relief!!

So glad to hear the good news, Sis. It is difficult to keep fearful thoughts at bay. As Maggie says, ” . . . a sigh of relief.” So a smile and a hug for you!

“You never know what evil lurks inside the body.” You realize, Sue, that sounds pretty Lutheran. I’m happy for you (and Dick). …

Actually, Marc, I thought it sounded more like The Shadow.

Susan – That’s so wonderful.. You are so perky and fun and so courageous about heading full speed ahead and have so much to say that I don’t even think of the fear you have to deal with…..I know you do, and I’m so grateful for this good news. Margie G

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