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Long-lost ‘sisters’ reunited by WordPress & Me

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Dateline: Jersey City and La Crosse

Reunited by WordPress after being separated at birth, twin sisters are seeking book deals, selling movie rights and getting on Oprah’s last show.

“This is America,” said Susan T. Hessel, “we have to make money off of this.”

“What?” said her “sis,” Terry Doebley. “Is this woman nuts?

It all began when Doebley commented on one of Hessel’s blog posts. Hessel noticed the writer’s email address seemed to indicate they were born on the very same day.

“The only logical conclusion is she is my long-lost sister,” Hessel said. “Oh it’s true that I had no idea I had a sister, but I’m sure we must have been separated at birth. So I contacted her.”

“ How did you find my email?” Doebley wisely responded, knowing there are crackpots on line. “Have to be safe you know!”

Hessel explained the coincidence and they agreed they were twins.

“I figured we had to be because the first letter in her first name is T and the first letter in my middle name is a T,” Hessel said.

“But I had no idea she was trying to commercialize on this coincidence,” Doebley said. “Is this woman nuts?”


OK, it didn’t happen that way. We are not exactly sisters – unless our parents are a combination of Filipino-Irish-Hungarian-Russian-Polish-Austrian. That would be very interesting. But we do share the same birthday, which I figured out when Terry commented on my blog.

I spooked her when I emailed her, with her writing back about safety. When I explained, Terry quickly fell into this long-lost sister thing.

We decided we would write about finding each other on our blogs today, surprising each other with what we wrote.

Terry is an English for speakers of other languages teacher and writes as The Petal Pusher in her photo blog called The Incredible Lightness of Seeing. Found at is amazing in the beauty of her photographs of nature and her observations. Do check it out.

Sis, I have news for you. Thanks to Google, I have discovered we have a long lost triplet brother. He is a cartoonist named Jim Woodring blogging at

He describes himself this way: “I was born in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California and enjoyed an exciting childhood full of poetry and paronoia among the snakes, rats and tarantulas of that enchanted realm. I eventually grew into an inquisitive bearlike man who has had three exciting careers: garbage collector, merry-go-round-operator and cartoonist. Some of my work is collected in THE BOOK OF JIM, THE FRANK BOOK and SEEING THINGS.”

Which one of us wants to call Jim to let him know about his new family?

Our "brother's" artwork in t-shirt form.

And then we’ll contact Oprah?


2 Responses to "Long-lost ‘sisters’ reunited by WordPress & Me"

Such a nice tribute, Susan. Thank you. This was a fun blog. I’m going to check out Jim Woodring sometime this afternoon, and I shall read your website. For now, let’s see if we’ve raised some eyebrows!! It was fun.

It was fun. Let me know what time you’re coming over for Sunday dinner.

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