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Caller ID & Me

Posted on: January 25, 2011

Caller ID is a double-edged sword.

On one edge, I love telling my brother I’m screening his calls – hello Andy – when he wants me to do more work for him.  I don’t do it often, just enough.

I also screen calls that have no caller ID – particularly during political seasons when I’m tired of getting the calls that I sometimes make on behalf of candidates. Or, when I know it is sales call – even though I am supposed to be off their call lists.

Caller ID in those instances is wonderful.

But Caller ID, thy name is – or at least on it – is impatience. This is the not-so-wonderful edge of the sword.

In the olden days, you could get away with repeated calls when the person is not picking up the phone. Now, the number of times you – I – call shows up on Caller ID so you know my impatience.  I try self-control, but do not  always hit that mark.

And then there is the question of the unintended calsl or what used to be wrong numbers. You’d apologize in the olden days and hang up; no harm done.

But I had one friend whose number I kept mixing by dialing 790 with the cell phone number instead of 796. The recipient was not pleasant to me. And knew my name from caller ID could call me back and yell at me. Sorry, buddy. I don’t want to hear from you, either.

One time on Christmas Eve, a caller was trying to win a television contest by calling our number – the wrong one – over and over. It was like this person was just pushing redial. That doesn’t work, of course, if you start off with the wrong number. I believe I was not pleasant when that call came once more at 1 a.m.

Sometimes when a call comes to me and I have no idea who it was from I Google the number – often it is telemarketing and lots of unhappy people besides me reported getting calls from that number.

Caller ID helps in another way – letting me know the number to call back if I am so inclined and you didn’t leave the number.

And then there are the butt calls – when your butt or thigh or purse does the calling by pushing against the phone. If I don’t leave a message, my family members sometimes call back and then I have to admit that I didn’t really want to talk to them – it was out of my hands and onto on my butt.

I have my standards.

But folks, really, call me any time. I’m always at the other end of the phone for you.


1 Response to "Caller ID & Me"

I never knew.

Now I know.

Do you answer at 1am?

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