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What would you do? & Me

Posted on: January 23, 2011

The bill less taken.

I stopped Saturday to get my new debit card activated at an ATM machine. Right there in the machine at a bank that I don’t go to was a  crisp $10 bill, and possibly others right there behind it.

What would you do? The fact that I don’t know if there were more bills behind it tips you off to what I decided to do.

Call me stupid; call me silly; call me anything you want. I left the $10 (or more) there.

I do bend down to pick up pennies, nickels, dimes, etc., even if tails up, which is not supposed to be lucky. Once or twice, I’ve picked up a dollar or even a ten-dollar bill off the sidewalk.

Why did I pass up that bill on Saturday in the ATM? I just thought it was the right thing to do. Someone might come back looking for the ten bucks I left behind. And then the question is raised, whether I would have left $20 or $100 or the $100,000 bill that was printed from 1934-1935.

As I got in the car, still thinking about those ten dollars, I wondered about that ABC program, “What would you do?” On that program, a scene – a ruckus – is created in a public place. The ruckus may be a racist attack, a parent abusing a child, an adult child abusing an elderly parent, a dog or child left in a car when the owner goes inside, a drunken driver, a waiting abusing an overweight customer or seeing too much public affection in a restaurant.

Some people walk by with eyes averted and others stop and try and help the person involved.

No camera was following me, of course. This was no a sexy enough situation. What it was, though, was an everyday ethical question.

So to eliminate any question that I consider myself some sort of uber ethical person I decided this morning that if I gained any karma from not taking the ten bucks, it should go to the Green Bay Packers today in the NFC game.

I’d like to be able to say I didn’t take one for the team.

Go Pack! Go!

P.S. What would you do?


2 Responses to "What would you do? & Me"

That was my $10.

Please send it to me.

I think I might have taken it, figuring that I might be more honest than the next person to come by, and noted the time and date, then given that information to the bank so that someone there could try to track it. I’m sure the machine keeps a record not only of the card number, owner number, and transaction date and time but also takes a picture of the user.

I remember being shocked when the husband of a friend found an unmarked envelope containing over $100 on a college campus and figured “finders keepers” and used the money to take his family out to dinner. He thought it would be impossible to trace and could even be drug money.

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