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Mark Zuckerberg, Friend Me! & Me

Posted on: January 22, 2011

What’s the difference between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and me? That would be 42 years and $25 billion, give or take a couple hundred million (dollars not years). But who’s counting?

We do have some things in common, including a desire to be loved and appreciated, if the movie The Social Network, which I saw last night, is to be believed. In the movie, which was very interesting, the origins of The Facebook, as it was first called, was trying to impress a girl who had shunned him for being an a-hole. The end result for what he created was his net worth described at $25 billion and 500 million users of Facebook.

My need for acceptance was most acute in junior high where I was a member of the self-named “unpopular crowd.” Our group was not  at the bottom of the social castes at West Ladue Junior High School, but we were not the elite. Sometimes I was on the fringes – very fringed  edges – of the popular crowd because of my sense of humor.

At Fortnightly Dances, as they were called at West Ladue, I was not invited to dance, which was quite sad. But at high school reunions one guy told me 20 and 30 years post graduation that he wanted to ask me to dance at those dances and at Camp Taum Sauk. He was too shy.

I have gotten over it, which is an important lesson in life – what happens in junior high does not define your life. Pass that on to your kids and grandkids. You can have a happy, successful life even if you were a wallflower at fortnightlys.

I first joined Facebook a few years ago when two kids I had interviewed for books on living with childhood cancer “friended me.” I joined but was not exactly active until my cousin Arthur friended me. He also friended  my son, Michael, who then  friended me.

I now have 387 friends on Facebook, which is pretty damn good for a person in her late 50s. The thing about FB friendships is that they are such deep and abiding relationships, possibly the most deep and heartening of all. Yes, it takes a lot of time and energy to be Facebook friends. Not.

With reminders from Facebook, you can even lamely wish friends happy birthdays – without going to all that trouble of remembering and buying a card. This is a real service. And it is nice to read all these good wishes on my birthday, even if they were aided by FB computers.

I am a big FB fan. When I was going through cancer treatment friends came out of the woodwork to provide support on Facebook, a reason I stand behind this wonderful free service. Oh you can get irked at time when things don’t work such as my beloved Scrabble, but really, this is a wonderful way to connect people. I have gotten reconnected with folks I had not seen for decades. It is a very good thing

So here’s my plea, friends: Make me your friend if you have not already.

In The Social Network movie, Zuckerberg and colleagues kept “refreshing” computers to see how many people had joined Facebook. It grew like crazy. They rejoiced  when they hit 1 million (when they apparently cut out of one of the other co-founders in the process) and of course have gone far, far beyond that.

I want that power of Internet friendship. Please friend me and ask all your friends to friend me. I want to get more FB friends than my kids combined (Michael – 669 – and Maggie – 481, not to mention my husband – 119.)

Prove to me that junior high is over and I am now in the “popular crowd.” I want to see the power of Internet  in action. I want to be more like Mark Zuckerberg who writes, “I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share.” Some 2,790,832 people “like” his page, which makes him appear a heck of a lot more loveable than the movie showed him to be.

Friend me! Tell everyone to friend me! It costs nothing and I want to be like Mark Zuckerberg when I grow up. I have only 2,790,445 friends to go. There would be more of a disparity in our net worths, however.

Incidentally, sitting next to us at the movie last night were the parents of a classmate of Maggie’s at Logan High School.  We caught up for a few minutes and on the way home, I “friended” her on Facebook via my Blackberry. Before we were halfway home Carol had accepted our deep friendship on FB.

Ah technology, I love it.


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Mark Zuckerberg, Friend Me! & Me « Pinky Pie…

Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

42 years? The man is 26. That would be 32 years. Apparently the difference between you and him also includes math skills 🙂

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