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My toes & Me

Posted on: January 19, 2011

The other day as I was reading in bed I looked at my toes and decided they were not so bad after all.

For any psychiatrists ready to analyze me, let me say I have had a thing that my toes didn’t measure up for only 20 years. It all began when a friend of my daughter’s looked at my feet and announced, “Weird toes.”

From that moment on, I hesitated showing them to the world. It is not a problem in January in Wisconsin, but it gets hot in July and August. I really need to wear sandals.

During chemotherapy, I added injury to insult with all sorts of toe problems. I developed a terrible itch that turned into an infection in one little piggy – the one that cried all the way home.

Antibiotics relieved the problem for a time but then it returned until finally a podiatrist noted a fungal infection underlying the bacterial infection. Once that was treated, I became itch free.

Chemotherapy did one other thing – created black stripes in my finger and toenails. Truly, they were weird toes. And a couple toenails are still thicker than normal.

I mentioned this insult to Maggie a year or so ago. She wondered why in the world I would care what a little girl said to me. She kindly suggested I get over it, which was a very good idea.

I’ll never have perfect toes, but now, looking at them I can say proudly,”weird no more.” I’m ready for sandals weather. That, of course, is easy to say when it’s January in Wisconsin.


1 Response to "My toes & Me"

I hear you. I used to dance in pointe shoes, which pretty much ruined my toes. Then, to add insult to injury, I’ve had 4 black and blue toenails in my life and one never grew back quite right and is in two parts instead of one. I used to be self conscious of my less than desirable toenails, but now I just keep them painted. I find that nothing looks that bad with a little nail polish. 🙂

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