Pinky Pie

Of Stinky Sandwiches & Me

Posted on: January 16, 2011

Aaron Rodgers about to make a very big play, AKA, known as the ice cream cone.You gotta love sports metaphors, especially this one: “He turned a stinky sandwich into an ice cream cone.”

The metaphor from Trent Dilfer, a retired quarterback turned ESPN commentator, referred to Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. A couple times when he was nearly sacked – which would have been the stinky sandwich – he evaded players on his tail turning the play into that wonderful ice cream cone.

Frankly, the game went so much in Rodgers’ favor, thanks to a great defense and a great offense, that those were multi-scoop waffle cones with sprinkles on top.

The Packers walloped the top seeded Atlanta Falcons, 48 to 21. At one point the Packers scored five touchdown in a row that were not, as they say, “answered.” And it happened in the city where my son now attends grad school. He’s never been a big Packers fan but enjoyed being at a friend’s house with other friends – including some Falcons fans – watching the game.

On Facebook before the game, he wrote: “Has a packers wife beater under his blue button up, and every packer touch down he’ll unbutton a button.”

A friend of ours commented, “Lets hope you end up naked GO PACK!.”

Michael responded, “Whole damn shirt got unbuttoned!”

It is great fun to be a fan on days like this – but it’s on to Chicago next Sunday for the conference championship game.

My three layers of Packers gear are waiting unwashed for the next big game.  Here’s hoping there are many more ice cream cones. I’ve always loved ice cream.


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