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A Sign of the Times & Me

Posted on: January 15, 2011

Does my new sign make my hips look big? Or is it just eating too much? from

You may not have noticed my identity crisis this week. It came after I learned I am no longer a Libra. I’ve been reassigned to Virgo just because the Earth’s alignment changed.

The Earth moved a bit and I have to suffer?

According to, as a Libra I was

  • Diplomatic and urbane
  • Romantic and charming
  • Easygoing and sociable
  • Idealistic and peaceable.

I did have a dark side described as:

  • Indecisive and changeable
  • Gullible and easily influenced
  • Flirtatious and self-indulgent

I was reassigned – became unbalanced – because instead of twelve there are now thirteen signs in Zodiac astrology (who knew there are other forms of astrology?).

Ophiuchus, a sign I have no idea how to pronounce, is represented by a man and his serpent (no jokes here) and the characteristics include healing, vivid premonitions, dream interpretation, loving peace and harmony, and seeking higher wisdom and knowledge.   To fit in Ophiuchus from November 29 o December 17, all the dates for the signs had to be realigned.

Instead of going from September 23 to October 22, Libra is now from October 30 to November 23. And Virgo is now Sept. 16 – Oct. 30 instead of August 23 to September 22. I’m in good company – both my kids and son in law are Virgoes now with me. We have family solidarity except for my husband and their dad who is now a Capricorn instead of that groovy Aquarius.

My new characteristics are:

  • Modest and shy
  • Meticulous and reliable
  • Practical and diligent
  • Intelligent and analytical

As it turns out, I still have my faults, although different ones:

  • Fussy and worrier
  • Over critical and harsh
  • Perfectionist and conservative.

I’ve always liked the Libra thing, being fair and balanced – but not in the Fox News way.  But describes my future as a Virgo for the year this way:

Virgo’s luck in 2011: 
Luck smiles on you in the form off benefiting from unearned money; you could receive an inheritance, score an easy bank loan or make a win on the horses/lotto. A partners income can increase too. Gifts from benefactors will find you easily.

Clearly there will be more offers from Nigeria coming this Virgo’s way in 2011.


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