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Posted on: January 14, 2011

One winter day as a freshman at Michigan State University I put on my long underwear in anticipation of heading out to my classes.

A friend, who was born in Michigan, asked, “What are you going to do when it really gets cold?”

So I took off my long undies and waited for someone to tell me when it was really cold so I could put them back on. No one every gave me the signal so I never wore them again. Gullible: thy name is Susan.

Growing up in St. Louis, we had winter, including cold and snow but it was not as constant as we have in Wisconsin or Michigan.

What St. Louis had was heat, hot and humid heat, which I absolutely hate.  I will take winter over summer any day. As we say in our family, “Precious doesn’t like to sweat.” The joke is twofold:

  1. That anything about me is Precious.
  2. Precious and sweat seem incongruous.

And now my son is in Atlanta for grad school at Emory University, where it was supposed to be a hot time in the old town even in winter. But alas, the city got a few inches of snow and has been closed all week. I know they don’t have the same kind of equipment we do in Wisconsin, but being closed for a week?

Actually, this is the worst snow in 15 years and apparently the city had 20 pieces of equipment to plow at the start of the snowfall. A report on Thursday said the equipment had grown to 115 pieces, although the article I read did not say what kind. Would that be 115 shovels or plows?

I am convinced weather and climate are in the eyes of the beholder or beshoveler. I do not hate winter, even though my only winter activity is shoveling snow falls of less than three inches – after that we are grateful for neighbors helping us.

One article I read suggested to impatient Atlanta citizens to wait because “there will always be a sunnier day than what we’ve had in the past couple of days.”

At least the city of Atlanta has a snow removal plan after all: Melt, baby melt.






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