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The Packers, Sports Superstitions, the offensive Offensive Line & Me

Posted on: January 11, 2011

It is a tradition the past two years when I’ve watched the Green Bay Packers with my good friends, Sue and Bob, that I announce sometime in the game, “You know, they stink.”

I’m not talking the quality of the play; I’m simply remarking on the odor that I am sure emanates from the bottom or top of the pile or simply around the huddle. Call me a wimp, but I would not want a 300-pound sweating, offensive offensive lineman (or defensive for that matter) coming at me.

I am a delicate flower. No doubt.

At the end of Sunday’s wild card game, I announced I would not wash my Packers gear before the next game and that I hadn’t before that game. Underwear was and will be changed as usual.

At that point, Sue and I agreed I would be the stinky one. We should be so lucky that I would get to stink for a few more weeks, assuming if I did that that I would continue to be invited into their home for the games.

I will take my chances. Or will I? I own a zip up sweatshirt under which I wear short sleeve and long sleeve Packers shirts. That’s been my clothing for most of the season since it became cold enough to wear such items. I also own a crew neck sweatshirt that I’m currently wearing with a light green turtleneck underneath.

Last night I posted on Facebook that I had a hankering to buy a new Packers sweatshirt. Among comments:

  • I agree!
  • Do you think you’ll be able to find one????
  • Go for a Nitschke jersey.
  • The packers linebacker corps must be pretty thin if they’re bring back the late Ray Nitschke to play.
  • Go Bears!

I checked with the other Sue, who said she didn’t think that was a good idea to switch clothing but would check with Bob, who would know if that would bring bad luck to the team. I’m waiting for the word. And

My trio of Packer shirts.

am hoping that my just considering getting something else doesn’t put a jinx on the team.

In the meantime, I decided to do a little research on superstition in sports. While Boston Red Sox third basement Wade Boggs is supposed to be the king of superstitions – eating chicken before every game, taking exactly 150 ground balls during infield practice, batting practice at exactly 5:17 p.m. and wind sprints at 7:17 p.m.

He also writes the Hebrew word, “Chai,” into the dirt each time he enters the batter’s box. Chai means “life.” He is not Jewish, but he said in an interview before entering the Hall of Fame, they helped “along with the other 85 (superstitions) that I had — they all helped.”

My favorite player superstitions comes from Turk Wendell, also a baseball player, who some consider the athlete with the most superstitions ever. A relief pitcher for four teams, including the Chicago Cubs, he chewed four sticks of licorice each inning he was on the mound. After the third out, he ran back, did a “kangaroo leap” over the baseline, spit out the licorice and brushed his teeth. He also wore a necklace of teeth from animals he had hunted.

Fans have their own superstitions that include sitting in one spot the entire game, or some move to another spot no matter how uncomfortable until their team is doing well. Some  wear the same unwashed socks throughout the season or ate a certain meal before each game.

On Saturday night, you’ll find me in my usual seat in my previously mentioned stinky clothes. No new sweatshirt for me at the moment. I wouldn’t want to jinx the Packers in the playoffs. I need to do my part for the team.


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