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(Another) Lesson From Life & Me

Posted on: November 19, 2010

And yes, the burner and counter needs to be cleaned.

What is it about life that it offers so many great lessons? And it’s not just because Lessons From Life is the name of my personal history business.


It’s because we learn from the dumb stuff we do. Oy, do I learn.  And all these lessons become great


Since my trip to San Francisco where we bought tea in Chinatown, I’ve been pretty dedicated to a green tea called Blue oolong or something like that. And yes it is a green tea with a blue name.


Thursday, I turned on our whistleless teakettle and continued editing a draft of a client’s family history book. I promptly forgot about that tea.


Was it a senior moment? A dumb moment? A concentrating on something else moment? All of the above.


A bit later I smelled smoke and looked around while still staying seated. When the smell persisted, I finally got up and looked around. There was nothing burning in the living room or the entryway. Then I saw it in the kitchen.


My teakettle had boiled through the metal, which was now red hot. I turned off the burner and grabbed the kettle and put it down on another burner.


Big mistake. The kettle melted into the burner in bizarre ways. Metal pieces cling to the burner. It is now a work of art, but not much more.


I learned some things:

  1. When you think you smell smoke, you probably are.
  2. A teakettle left long enough burns all the water off and is then red hot should not be put on another burner unless you want a new burner.
  3. Do not leave a teakettle unattended.
  4. Buy an electric teakettle with a shutoff valve.
  5. Don’t wait for the teakettle to come with a holiday gift unless you want to repeat lessons 1-4.






5 Responses to "(Another) Lesson From Life & Me"

would this happen with a gas stove? And, I think replacing the teakettle is the least of your problems. 🙂 Glad the house didn’t burn down.

And the most of my problems …

So, a friend of mine did sort of the same thing about two years ago – except it was the bagels in the toaster, I think. He forgot about them and decided it was time to walk his dog (another reason not to have a dog), and by the time he returned, his wife was in the front yard and the house was on fire. A year later, and at great expense to his insurance company, they were able to move back in.

A watched pot may not boil but then again it may not burn down the house either.

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