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Eddie Fisher & Me

Posted on: September 24, 2010

Was I in the audience when Eddie Fischer crooned this tune?

Was this a place I went in my pre-birth adventures with Eddie Fisher?

Hearing that singer Eddie Fisher had died Wednesday brought back memories of before I was born.

For some reaso, when I was little, I used to make up stories of what Eddie and I did before I was born. I have no idea what I said or what we supposedly did but it was enough to become a family legend. We probably went to places like Holiday Hill in St. Louis, a kind of kiddie land with little rides and other ways to pull money out of parents’ pockets.

I loved going to Holiday Hill and certainly our parents didn’t take us there frequently enough. Once I had kids I think I realized why we didn’t go there often enough for a kid.

But alas, Holiday Hill no longer exists; it was taken over by the growing St. Louis airport, Lambert Field.

And it was before all that creepy stuff about older men and young girls. Not only did we not hear about such stuff in the 1950s, all this happened pre-birth.

I’m sorry for the family’s life especially because Carrie Fisher – his daughter from his first marriage to Debbie Reynolds played – Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars. And Star Wars played a big role in our lives for a while when our kids were little.

Perhaps had I stuck around with Eddie after I was born, I might have met his wives – Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Connie Stevens. But alas, after I was born I just had an ordinary life.

Sonny Boy, as he was called in his home growing up (after the Al Jolson song), had many hit singles and his own TV show. He was a pre-rock and roll crooner.

Again, I’m sorry for his death at age 82 from complications of hip surgery. But just a little mention in the biography of the so-called “Jewish Sinatra” would have been nice.

Yup, if there is an up there from which my parents could smile, I’m sure they would be doing so about this blog post.


2 Responses to "Eddie Fisher & Me"

Eddie Fischer played a part in my childhood as well. His mother, family legend went, was married to the brother of ….well it was enough to think of him as a relative. Did all Jewish kids identify with him?

Oh, sorry, that comment was from thinkingedie not thinkingarthur.

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