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Dumpster diving, who would have thought this of me & Me

Posted on: August 16, 2010

In exchange for some extra money to help Michael with the transition to grad school, we made him our slave.

First he had to go on vacation with us – yes we are cruel parents – and then he had to work around the house for a couple days.

He spent those days cleaning out our basement, joined by his girl friend, Jenny, on the last day. Our basement is so bad that they could have spent a month down there going through things.

Not only did they load a bunch of stuff to go to Goodwill, they also found things they could use in their apartment in Atlanta. And they found some things from my mom that I’ve brought upstairs and will use myself.

That’s the dumpster diving part of this story.

Best of all they found a long forgotten scrapbook of some of my earliest work as a journalist, which I recognized immediately would be great fodder for this blog.

They start with letters to the editor I wrote to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and continue with articles and columns I wrote for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Daily Cardinal. Then there were some stories I wrote as an intern for the Wisconsin State Journal to some freelance articles that I wrote for the Milwaukee Sentinel. Finally, there are early articles with the La Crosse Tribune.

These articles are great because they reflect the times and my life at that point. One puzzled me as it did not carry my byline. Then I looked at the photo accompanying it …

Who would have thought it of me?

These days, it would be described as a “photo illustration.” You be the judge. Was it that or did I have an earlier career about which you did not know?

I had totally forgotten about it – or so I say. I can’t wait to hear from my kids about this blog post.


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