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The Song(s) of Scrabble, Mouthing the Words & Me

Posted on: August 8, 2010

I wish I could find a photo of Lorraine Feather playing Scrabble.

In kindergarten at the Sherwood Day School I was told to mouth the words instead of singing along with my class.

Oh, that explains a lot, doesn’t it? I am psychologically scarred 50-plus years later. Time to get off the psychologist’s couch, although my singing career was ruined in that one year at that private school.  I attended it only for a year as my October birthday missed the public school cutoff.

I only bring this up because Saturday I received an email from jazz singer Lorraine Feather about her new album, “Ages.” I learned about it in this email:

Dear Fellow Scrabble Players,

I am a lyricist (have written for films and TV, much of it for animation) and jazz singer. There is a long article about me that posted on last month, accompanied by a link to a free download of my song “Scrabble,” from my latest album Ages (the song contains the word OXAZEPAM). It was written with Dick Hyman, a great stride pianist in his 80s who, among other things, did the music for various Woody Allen films. The article is here:

and this is a direct link to the free download:

Anyway, to promote the song I thought I would get in touch with various Scrabble-related sites and see if they would like to do a reciprocal link. Mine would be from my CD’s page on my website, as below; the lyrics are there too. I am also sending this email to various Scrabble clubs, most of which don’t have their own sites, but I thought you might get a kick out of the song. If you enjoy the article, clicking Recommend would of course be appreciated. (There are a lot of articles on the site and as of 8/6 it was the #1 most read!)

This is a one-time email; I’m not putting you on a list.

Word-nerdily yours,

Lorraine Feather

I especially liked the way she signed off, word-nerdily yours. Naturally I have downloaded her song and have listened to clips from other songs on her album that relate to various stages of her life. She is a true storyteller in her music. Download it and enjoy it.

Hers is not the first song about Scrabble, but it is the most sophisticated that I’ve found and I love her voice.

Screenshot of Lorraine's best Scrabble game online at least.

What other Scrabble songs have been recorded? Google tells me that “I suck playing Scrabble” is a parody of  “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith. It’s words include:

i suck

i suck playin’ scrabble, my friend

i suck

i suck playin’ scrabble, my friend

Emily Kaitz also has a tune called “The Scrabble Song” on her “Yuppie Scum” album that includes these words:

“We’re playing Scrabble.

We are obsessed.

It’s been three hours now

and I’m getting depressed …”

YouTube has a variety of Scrabble videos, including “The Scrabble Song” by Abby Simons:

Everybody has an addiction

Everybody has an infatuation

But my quirky obsession

For not getting much sleep …

I’m addicted to Scrabble

Her song can be found at:

It’s not a song, but I get a kick out of another YouTube posting: “Scrabble: Take that Grandma!” which supposedly shows a grudge match between a kid and his grandmother. It can be found at:–IhU&feature=related

Getting back to Lorraine Feather’s “Scrabble” song, I won’t be singing it in public, although in the privacy of my own home, who knows?

And, I looked up the word, oxazepam, which is in her Scrabble song. It means a tranquilizing drug that apparently I would need if I ever played that eight-letter word with both a q and a z.


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