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Ignoring my blog, my dream, Amy Winehouse & Me

Posted on: August 7, 2010

Amy Winehouse walking into court in Great Britain

I know I have been ignoring my blog of late, but I’ve been traveling and busy and doing other stuff and … and … and …

It is time to get back to it when my blog makes an appearance in a dream along with a son of a colleague with whom I recently became reconnected (the colleague, not the son).

It went something like this … I had a plan to have breakfast with this person on a Saturday morning.

I arrive at her house and see her son who is about 22, the same age as Michael. We chat a bit and I mention my blog, about which he was singularly unimpressed. On a good day, I have hundreds of hits; he tells me his blog has thousands of hits every day. I’m a little deflated.

I don’t tell him that many of the hits come from folks looking for jazz singer Amy Winehouse, who I wrote about twice in my blog – you have to see the context to understand. Folks looking for the latest dirt on this troubled star must be incredibly shocked that they have come to a blog that at least started as a chronicle of breast cancer with Susan T. It’s now much more than that, however.

Now this young man, who I don’t really know in the last 15 years except to recognize him in my dream, is naturally not so interested in my blog topic, but that is no reflection on him.

In the dream I finally get around to asking where his mother is and he disappears. At that point I realize I am in my jams – a long red night shirt made from a tee shirt material that has seen many, many better days, I mean nights.

At that point, I want to get out of there and I start opening doors and see her asleep in her bedroom. I close the door quickly and open more doors all leading to garages that I didn’t remember seeing when I came into the house.

Finally, I am trying to get out through a school a very long outdoor basketball court. I hear her calling, “Susan Hessel! Susan Hessel!”

I don’t want her to see me in my jams so I do what anyone would do. I woke up.

P.S. Amy Winehouse never made it into my dream specifically, but here are the posts that included her:


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