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StoryCorps, personal history & Me

Posted on: August 5, 2010

In the StoryCorps booth

Within three minutes of my daughter starting to play a CD of our interview with StoryCorps, she was on the phone to me, telling me what a gift this was to her and her brother.

She said she should interview us more when we are together to learn about how we met and what our early years were like.

“You understand what I do now, don’t you?” I said.

“I always did,” Maggie said, “but this is about our family.”

StoryCorps is a traveling booth in association with National Public Radio that goes from city to city to allow ordinary people to record the stories of their lives. You go into the booth either to ask each other questions or to have one person interview the other. You leave with a 40-mnute CD that you are welcome to copy and give to whomever you like.

My husband and I talked about our three kids, talking about what joys they are in our lives and our favorite stories about them. We also talked about the challenges in our lives, offering advice or at least discussing how we handled different situations.

It was fun and it was powerful. That it came to a city the size of La Crosse – about 52,000 plus surrounding communities – was exciting. It was camped and still is camped in front of the La Crosse Public Library until Sunday when it moves on to the next city.

It was also important to make this recording as we always think we know what life was like for someone else in our family, but we don’t really.

I have spent my lifetime helping other families record their stories and I absolutely love doing it. But I’ve been like the cobbler whose children have no shoes. I do not now the stories of my own family growing up as I wish I did.  I wasn’t interested during the time that I could have gotten answers from my parents. I only knew one grandparent and she was in her 80s when I was born.

So, yes, Maggie, I’m available for interviews.

And to everyone else, I’m also available to conduct interviews of your loved ones. It’s what I do and what I love – hearing stories of individuals, families, organizations and businesses.

Have recorder; can travel.


4 Responses to "StoryCorps, personal history & Me"

I applaud the NPR STORYCORPS. I was out of town when they first set up and did not get an appointment!!!
There are many more stories in every town across America.
I will see you in September’s ‘Memories in a Box’.
My boxes overflow!

Sue, Me again! On a high…. At 4 p.m. this afternoon, I got a call from Library to fill in a cancellation spot in StoryCorps. It was for 20 minutes and since I had no one to talk with other than the facilitator,I told a story about the Gallery. I told it from my notes and thoughts I had developed in the writing sessions.


Very Cool! What a gift for your kids!

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