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My email inbox, campsiting & Me

Posted on: June 29, 2010

I am a liberal. And proud of it. How can you tell I’m a liberal? You can see it in my email inbox.

Everybody wants money from me. Everybody. I’m not talking about the folks in Nigeria, who want to give me money if I just sweeten the pot a bit.

I’m talking about known liberal causes. There’s MoveOn … MomRising … Countdown to Healthcare … Keep the Arts in Public Schools … Wildlife organizations and more.

I hear from individual political candidates in Colorado, Utah and Louisiana, even though I’m in Wisconsin. Speaker of the House Nancy Pilosi writes periodically, as do Vice President Biden, President Obama, former President Clinton and more. There is always urgency in the political campaign requests to meet this or that reporting deadline and sometimes a chance to have dinner with some politician if I contribute.

I would love to send money. I really would. But at this moment I simply cannot.

I do believe we are not on the planet just for ourselves, that we have a responsibility to each other. I agree we should “campsite” our community, state, country and/or world if we can. That term was first applied to Boy Scouts leaving their campsite better than they found it.

I’m glad the term, campsite, which I just learned a couple years ago, doesn’t require me to actually go camping. That train left my personal station a long time ago because I do not like heat, bugs or sleeping on the ground. Truth be known, I never cared for heat or bugs.

But I can do things that help people in little ways and I do. I can be a volunteer and I am.

The campsite thing made me think about designer Anne Taintor, who has wonderful lines of humorous products  – including some that I own.

She takes brightly stylized old images and puts words beside the people about what these men and women might really be thinking. Anne makes compacts, luggage tags, air fresheners, shopping bags, magnets, mini notes, lip balms, emery boards and more.

My favorite is “I love not camping.” That image hangs in my kitchen.

Check out Anne Taintor at Her slogan is “Making smart people smile since 1985.”

I, apparently, am not that bright because it was not until the last five to ten years  that I discovered her.


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