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The Emerald City & Me

Posted on: June 28, 2010

One of the bluffs not far from my house

And a view of the MIssissippi River from Riverside Park

No, not that Emerald City where Dorothy encountered that Wicked Witch of the West.

I’m talking about La Crosse, Wisconsin, where we have neither Munchkins nor witches (good or bad) – as far as I know. I mean no offense to those who consider themselves Wiccans. Dorothy Gale has not visited here either, although my daughter does live in Kansas.

I write about La Crosse because I have never seen it this green, thanks to rain that has everyone figuring out how many cubits we’ll need.  We went without rain a day or two, but then had big storms with more rain expected.

It is the kind of green that reminds me of the first sight of the St. Louis Cardinals field at old Busch Stadium. It is so rich in color that it just momentarily startling.

The color here  is so vivid that it reminds me of that scene when The Wizard of Oz moves from black and white to color. The change is absolutely breathtaking in the movie, when arriving at the stadium and yes, in the city in which I live.

This is always an incredibly beautiful city located between the Mississippi River and bluffs.

We even have a marsh that runs between the city’s north and south sides with wonderful hiking and biking trails that begin less than a half mile from my house.

I describe myself as the great indoors person, so much so that when my friend, Sue K, and I walked in the marsh for the first time together she had to point out the nature. Who knew it was outside? I was just in my aggressive go for it walking mode.

It is always beautiful out there in the marsh, but this year is something special. There are many more shades of green that I ever noticed before.

And then there is the grass. Between the high humidity and heavy rain, the La Crosse Tribune reported, “blades shooting up at nearly twice the normal speed.”

“It actually might be possible right now to watch the grass grow,” began the Tribune article.

That may be true, but not exactly yard people, we mostly watch the weeds grow


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Did you take those photos? They’re beautiful. If you took them, will you email them to me?

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