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Lance Armstrong & Me, Revisited

Posted on: June 18, 2010

My promising Tour de France career is ended. Officially.

Oh, after falling off my bicycle twice in the first two days, I had gone a good week without a crash. Until today.

But with my third fall in a couple weeks, and this time with a pretty bashed up knee, it’s time that I forgo my bicycling career even though Lance went back to competitive biking after his cancer treatment. And I would have looked really good this summer in that yellow jersey.

I don’t know if the falls are related to my lack of coordination, a lingering effect of the chemotherapy drug, Taxol, or a combination. Coordination is not my strong suit.

And I was really enjoying riding my bike.  There was a feeling of freedom on the bicycle, particularly on cool days. As I have noted before, you never forget how to fall off a bike. Staying on appears to be a tad trickier. At least for me.

And yes, I was wearing a helmet. I like what’s between my ears.

With my banged up knee, I’m thinking an Iron Woman triathlon is out of the question this year, too.

I don’t think I’ll entering the spelling bee, either, although I don’t think my knee would be the reason.

I’m taking suggestions for other careers.


4 Responses to "Lance Armstrong & Me, Revisited"

There comes a time in your life when the best profession becomes: sports fan.

Well, at least it’s a worthy profession.

Sue you need to get back into the saddle again :). If necessary, there are always training wheels! Love your blogs as always.

I really don’t think you should give it up all together. I say go slow and go with someone else until you’re stronger and your balance comes back. I think it’s too fun to give up completely.

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