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What a mint of a bargain & Me

Posted on: June 16, 2010

Mint at left is 1 inch in diameter; mint at right is 3/4-inch in diameter.

Readers of this blog and/or knowers of this (&) me are aware I have a certain affinity for candy cane/peppermints.

During chemotherapy when nothing tasted very good and for too many calories afterwards, I found myself eating the candy cane Blizzard from Dairy Queen. That mint got through my taste buds that so rudely abandoned me.

I still love peppermints –  even during the summer season. I buy peppermints – the red and white ones – keeping them around the house for those desperate moments and as a public service to those around me.

When a restaurant has peppermints on the way out, I’m always grateful and eager to take as many as I can without shaming myself too much.

And I did just that today – I grabbed two – from Ciatti’s, an Italian restaurant where I had lunch. I was quite amused when I picked them up. Tiny little things, they were.

Have you noticed how much products continue to shrink? The ice cream container is shorter than it used to be a couple of years ago, which means about a cup less of Cookie Dough for me. Hrrumph.  Peanut butter jars have a dimple at the bottom so they look the same size but are a few sandwiches shy of what they once contained.

Fewer potato chips in the bag might just be the company’s health plan for all of us. But the San Francisco treat has less rice in the box. Clearly, no heart left in that San Francisco.

And don’t think prices have gone down because there’s about 10 percent less peanut butter in that dimpled jar. It’s all about  saving money without appearing to do so.

And now look at the peppermint. It’s never been particularly mighty in this world except in the holiday season. Now there is even less to love. The restaurant practically needs to hand out magnifying glasses with the mints.

I know times are tough, that companies are struggling to stay afloat. But is this the  best way for Ciatti’s to weather the financial challenges? How much savings can there be in the shrinking mint?

Perhaps it would be better to have less mint than less garlic in the sauce. But then, if they used less garlic, maybe we’d eat fewer mints. I personally am willing to give up onions at Ciatti’s if they will return the mints to their rightful size.

And speaking of the incredible shrinking everything, the trend has missed one thing: me. I may be shrinking in height, but sadly not in weight. Perhaps the smaller mint is just what I need.


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Everything around me is getting smaller except your wit.

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