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Orangina & Me

Posted on: June 9, 2010

I have this image of our kitten, Orangina, sleeping on a kitty litter box in our bathroom the first day she was in our home.

Although some folks in the family don’t like to admit it, she looked a little rat-like as a kitten. But she was very cute and sweet.

She came from a farm after Maggie came home from working at Dayton’s, telling us she knew of someone who had kittens to give away. We had one cat at that point and weren’t that interested.

Then she said, “It’s orange and white.”

My response? “We could name her Orangina.” Orangina was an orange drink that Maggie discovered on a school trip to France.

That’s how the deal was done and she was a wonderful addition to our home. We loved her so much that a few years later, we added another orange and white kitty, Herbie. They looked significantly alike to make it difficult to figure out who went by in a flash.

Their personalities became very different, however. As a female of the cat species, Orangina grew to be very independent. In catland, that means she was willing to visit only when she damn well felt like it. Herbie, as a boy of that catland species, was more affectionate.

In the last couple weeks, she has been sitting on my lap or chest a lot. Unfortunately, I had an idea what that meant. It’s not that she loved me that much more, but she needed the comfort. A previous cat, JR, did the same, as he was getting really sick.

Orangina has battled kidney failure for the last year or two. In the past four months or so, we gave her fluid under the skin from an IV bag plus another medicine that she hated even more. We weren’t perfect; but we did it. Until I figured out how to give her the medicine, more of it landed on the floor than in her. But I did learn to give it to her. In the last few days, she didn’t fight getting that nasty medicine.

Orangina was back to being very tiny Tuesday, having dropped to almost nothing with that kidney failure. Although we worked to keep her going, it came to a time when we had to make that big decision that we humans make about the furry folks in our lives. And we did, although it took a while. Neither one of us wanted to make it. But it was the right thing to do. She was suffering.

Her wonderful vets, Tom Thompson and Jean Heyt, both wanted to be with us when the deed was done. Orangina was pretty much out of it when it happened. She was that sick; she just stared ahead.

Thanks to Tom and Jean for the care they’ve given our cats over the years and their friendship.

Tom and Jean said they would drink a toast to her. I just realized that I needed to get some Orangina for that toast.


5 Responses to "Orangina & Me"

Orangina was a wonderful cat and will be missed.
I’ll drink Orangina today in honor of her.

So sorry to hear about Orangina. I know some of what you are going through, as I just had to make that decision about my 15 year old black and white ShihTzsu named Maxfield Parrish Kent. May it be of some comfort knowing Orangina enjoyed a very special love and a wonderful life with you.

Thinking of Orangina, and you.

You did everything you possibly could for her, and then did the best, kindest thing we humans can do for the animals we love.

so sorry for your loss, orangina had a wonderful home and life full of memories.

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