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My bicycle, Keens & Me

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Sadly, among my Keen shoes collection. I am the Imelda Marcos of the comfortable shoe set.

A Facebook discussion over the last couple days regarding our – gasp – 40th high school reunion began with this:

Resolved: (MK) is going to the high school reunion plump and matronly looking…well, that is, if I don’t get more school work done and don’t exercise regularly. (I guess that’s not resolved, is it? More accurate to say “working on becoming resolved.”

ME: I’m going the very same way … should we get matching outfits?

MK: “Let’s get something with horizontal stripes to accentuate the plump. What can we do to accentuate the matronly?

LRM: I’ll go along with plump but avoiding the matronly!

MK: Oh, that’s perfect! I wear flats all the time, now–even when I dress up.

ME: I wear Keens, shoes that couldn’t be more comfortable.

MG: Marianne – you are beautiful inside and out! I keep saying I’m starting my diet “tomorrow.”

MK: Susan, I’m going to Google Keens. Maybe I can get a pair before the reunion! I always find Pay Less wide shoes to be perfectly comfortable.

ME: You will recognize Keens once you Google Keens. They have this rubber strip on the toe. I have a couple Keen stories to tell.

MK: Looked ’em up. You’re right. I suspected I knew Keens by your rubber strip description. I love them.

* * * *

Keen Story No. 1:

I was riding my bike a couple years ago on the sidewalk, where I was not supposed to be, when a small SUV pulled out and stopped on my Keen sandal-wearing foot.

I yelled for her to move forward but the driver got out and wanted to apologize. I yelled again to move forward. She did and I said I did not need any help and that it was my fault for being on the sidewalk.  (I accept responsibility for my dumb actions. It does make me wonder why I get on a bicycle, though)

I hobbled over to a friend’s house, walking my bike. And then was given a ride home. When I got home, my husband suggested that I at least get my foot x-rayed.

I went in and it was clear. No broken bones. I asked the doctor if he thought it could be the Keens that protected me. He said he didn’t know. Then he pointed to his shoes and said, “I wear them, too.”

* * * *

Keen Story No. 2:

The radiologist glanced down at my feet while performing what I call a “bonus biopsy” and noted my shoes, which she liked.

We had brief discussion about Keens and joked that I would give her mine if the biopsy turned out to be negative (as in no cancer). It was no cancer (this was a funny area in my underarm while I was in chemotherapy.)

I did not give her my own shoes, but found them for her on the web so she could order. She was very happy.

* * * *

And back to the reunion prep discussion:

KR: My primping for the reunion will be limited to a pedicure I think. And maybe a haircut.

ME: You are showing off now. I won’t be getting a haircut.

LRM: Um, I think you are in the “letting my hair grow” phase, are you not? 🙂

ME: I am. I was just being a smart ass. I’m in the letting good curl roll stage 🙂

KR: “I would be disappointed if you weren’t a smart ass – I’m counting on you still having those qualities that made you so delightful 40 years ago.

ME: You won’t be disappointed.

LRM: I’ll testify to that.”


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