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Thank you & Me

Posted on: June 6, 2010

Using a rope to clean up the the mess.

I am nearly a thousand miles from New Orleans, but I want to thank the people who are cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico.

I’m not talking about BP’s Tony Heyward, who once said his company had “too many people trying to save the world” instead of satisfying stockholders. Well, good news, Tony, you clearly don’t have too many people doing that.

And speaking of Tony, he also commented he “wanted to get my life back.” He was then struck by an avalanche of folks noting the real lives lost were the 11 workers killed in that accident plus their families.

But enough of BP.

I want to thank the folks who are picking up those oil globs, weathering awful smells, long hours in the heat and the risk of exposure to horrific chemicals. Many are getting sick because of this work.

Thank you also to the folks who are trying to clean oil-drenched wildlife that has no idea what hit them.

And thank you to those who are fighting to get our country off of oil and into alternative energy.

This cleanup may be the only opportunity for those who have lost their livelihood because of this gusher. For others the cleanup  is a calling to do some good in this world, even if Tony was not impressed with such do gooder folks when he spoke at a business school commencement a few years ago.

I’m sorry to the many people whose lives have been destroyed by those who prefer caring for stockholders over people wanting to save the world or simply feed their families.

This should not have happened. I hope politicians have the guts to make sure it never happens again.


2 Responses to "Thank you & Me"

Great blog! It will be many years….likely not even in our lifetime…before the gulf gets back to what it was before the spill. Like so many issues, it isn’t always black and white drill, baby, drill or no drilling at all. It is about taking acceptable risk and employing appropriate precautions while being monitored by legitimate regulation. A lot to ask of everyone but as we see a lot at risk as well!

Keep up the great work around here!

Excellent blog, Susan…you always have a lot of compassion and social concern

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