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Spillville & Me

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Welcome to Spillville, where you’ll earn points for having unlimited oil spill deep in the sea offshore of the United States.

Recruit your friends to hide the size of the spill, to destroy the wildlife for many miles of shoreline and then to blame everyone but your company for the untold ecological damage.

You can also put out of work thousands of people who made their livelihood from fishing, who sell seafood, work in tourism or even at gasoline stations.

You’ll get points for accurately predicting the impact of the hurricane season on the spilled oil.

Earn rewards for wacky plans to control the flow of oil since the company has no idea in hell how to stop the unstoppable and no disaster plan.

If Spillville is anything like Farmville, this new and exciting game on Facebook will soon have tens of millions of players. As of May, Farmville had 82.4 million users – one in five using Facebook and equal to more than 1 percent of the population of the world. Or so sayeth Wikipedia.

I must confess the idea of creating a Spillville game as a blog post was suggested by my friend Bob, who is no shrinking violet, political or otherwise.

The BP oil spill is such a sad, frustrating situation that seems to only go from bad to worse to worst to … is there anything beyond worst?

This much I know: we cannot trust the oil companies to solve the problem. Their goal is money. Period.

The cozy relationships between the oil company and the Mineral Management Service made it nothing short of the proverbial fox guarding the henhouse.

In industry after industry, we have moved toward less and less regulation. How’s that trickling down thing working out for you? The only thing flowing down to ordinary people is that oil.

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